• Role of a Business Analyst

    [cs_column column_size=”1/2″][cs_image column_size=”1/1″ image_style=”plain” cs_image_url=”http://www.datapanaceaonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Data-Analytics.png” cs_image_url1=”Browse”][/cs_image][/cs_column][cs_column column_size=”1/2″]A business Analyst is someone who:

    • Investigating goals and issues
    • Analyzing information
    • Comparing the past facts and figures to the current numbers.
    • Predict the information to deduce or predict failure within the company.
    • Communicating the information to related people (clients/ stockholders) etc


    • Documenting findings
    • Evaluating final solutions

    The BA has four major tasks to perform.  These tasks are:  Elicit, Analyze, Communicate and Validate

    Skill Sets:

    • Problem solving
    • Listening skills
    • Negotiation skills
    • Analyzing Skills
    • Strong written and oral communication

    [cs_column column_size=”1/2″][rev_slider blog-image][/cs_column][cs_column column_size=”1/2″]Industries Hiring Business Analyst:

    • Search engines
    • Social networks
    • IT/Software
    • Financial institutions
    • The health care
    • Engineering companies Oil industry
    • Retail
    • Telecom/Mobile analytics
    • Marketing agencies
    • Data science vendors
    • Environment, utilities government and defense
    • Manufacturing


    Salary Range:

    Median INR 5.85LAC

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